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Cresting Wave is the only company fully dedicated to discovering, validating, marketing and selling innovation to over 300 unique early adopter buyers, spanning verticals that include Hedge Funds, Financial Services, Media and Entertainment, and Pharmaceuticals. Its clients are young, rapidly growing vendors that have engineered the most advanced solutions available in the market today. Covering exclusively the Northeast Market, all of their technology vendors are born from the needs of the market. The Cresting Wave executive team and staff has spent countless hours studying their buyer community and have dedicated themselves to the thorough understanding of their business and technology needs. The ultimate goal is to make a "technical business match".  With over a decade of experience selling innovation technology the Cresting Wave team knows exactly how to match sellers with buyers. Cresting Wave represents a wide range of startup organizations: from early-stage companies—businesses looking for those first critical beta sites and reference accounts—to more established businesses trying to put that first million-dollar quarter on the books.

Cresting Wave has been selling emerging technologies to these organizations exclusively for twelve years. We only sell to those within our buyer community, and we only sell new, innovative products. Our position is unique. Since we maintain such close business relationships with our buyers, we can direct them to appropriate technical solutions. Not only that, we can introduce them to dozens of technology opportunities, not just one or two.

Cresting Wave has partnered with over 200 emerging technology products, software and services, referred from some of the largest venture capitalists globally. Over half of these technologies have completed acquisitions or gone public. 

Each innovation company that decides to partner with Cresting Wave will see IMMEDIATE traction to enthusiastic technology thought leaders in the Northeast market. The Cresting Wave methodology is to QUALIFY every engagement prior to scheduling a meeting. Detailed account management and step by step follow up to gain technical  wins and closure to purchase orders is the measure of success. 





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