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Project management through Human Process management.


ActionBase was designed with a single goal: making sure you can easily implement your strategy from planning through delivery

The ActionBase team is a passionate group of professionals, dedicated to ensuring that enterprises business-critical actions and processes are tracked through to completion, empowering their ability to follow up and interact more efficiently and effectively with each other.

ActionBase is a pioneering solution in the growing market of Human Process Management. With ActionBase, you can follow up and track to completion any type of multipart collaborative process or action item which is usually handled through meeting documents, Excel lists and e-mail. With ActionBase, you gain real-time status and visibility from top level to granular details optimizing resources and enhancing communication and collaboration. The key success factor of ActionBase is that it is completely integrated into Microsoft Office, so users retain their natural working experience.

ActionBase is used by Fortune 500 organizations worldwide – more than 150 large organizations such as Orange, Coca-Cola, Texas Instruments, Amdocs and many more are using ActionBase for adaptive case management and operational risk scenarios to manage key critical processes, where follow up is essential.

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