Archivas- acquired by HDS

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Archival and management of unstructured data

Single Platform to Manage, Protect, Be Cloud-ready

The advanced storage and data management capabilities of Hitachi Content Platform help IT organizations address challenges posed by ever-growing volumes of unstructured data. You can divide a single Content Platform into multiple virtual content platforms and uniquely configure each for a particular workload. In this way, IT organizations can eliminate storage silos and gain a single infrastructure that supports a wide range of data types, applications and users with different service level needs.

  • Keep data accessible and recoverable in its original form
  • Preserve data for long periods of time, whether for legal, compliance, business or IT practices
  • Reduce or eliminate traditional tape-based backups of unstructured data
  • Employ key technologies, such as intelligent objects, data integrity checking, RAID-6, replication, encryption, WORM and audit logging
  • Support traditional IT and cloud with a single platform
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